Vocal Body Studio

                                                Ellen Gould Ventura on The Vocal Body Studio

¨…As a big part of my life as a singer, actor and director, I also teach, lead workshops and facilitate masterclasses

primarily in Barcelona (and internationally), in what I have coined as the “Vocal Body” studio. The work

integrates breathing techniques with physical exercises and combines my own system of voice and singing

methods, including Feldenkrais, Alexander Movement and Bel Canto. Especially designed for dedicated singing /

acting professionals, dancers and students/novices, therapists, body workers, teachers and corporate

professionals and executives of any genre, the sessions are apt for all ages of students and levels of expertise.

Whether teaching private lessons, instructing groups or workshops for schools or casts of professional theatre and

dance companies, the work is flexible to the needs of each individual and/or group’s objectives….”

¨…Regardless of the background and goals of my students, everyone begins with me in the same place. From

there, I work with each individual according their professional and personal needs. There is a strong emphasis in

the Vocal Body Studio on vocal therapy and techniques/methods for the prevention or treatment of nodules,

vocal injuries, chronic tension, speech and communication difficulties, performance anxiety, vocal and postural

health challenges and conditions related to dietary/food intolerances. Above all, there is an environment of

mutual respect between student and teacher regarding the discipline of these particularly holistic, physical and

technical practises for the voice….”

“…In my classes, everyone has the opportunity to create a new and unique relationship to themselves and

therefore the world they inhabit. Giving students rigorous breathing techniques, body work, vocal exercises, song

and/or oration, yet supporting it all with loving dedication and a daily regime of relaxation methods, it is

rewarding for everyone involved. The work reveals and reinforces so much of what is favourable about life: the

fact that everyone has a voice, deserves to express it and can liberate it through the extraordinary experiences

we have in the studio and beyond. This allows for me to share the breadth of my wisdom and background in the

context of the Vocal Body Studio, a space for the ultimate in healthy vocal expression, growth and


                                              Vocal Body Studio’s Practitioners & Objectives:

• Singers/actors (projection, stamina, pre-performance nerves, live concerts, plays, shoots for film/tv, on-set

   voice/speech coaching; creating the definitive vocal/body warm-up)

  1. Studio recording work (microphone techniques, music, voice-over narration and cartoon characters for film/tv)

  1. Intensive Master-classes (coaching for singers, actors and directors of all genres)

  1. Artists (visual, performance, designers, architects, technicians, cultural workers of any discipline)

  1. Teachers, therapists/doctors, scientists, corporate professionals & executives, (challenges resulting

   from extended hours of day to day speaking, vocal/body wear-and-tear, life-coaching/communication, low self-esteem

   and related vocal techniques, postural correction, etc.).

• Pregnant Women (classes specific to the breathing and body work associated with pregnancy and birth)

Classes: Monday - Friday, 10 - 6pm. Private or Group instruction (on a weekly basis)

Intensives & General Master Classes, (bi or tri-weekly/monthly)

Corporate/executives and School Groups.

Locations: Central Barcelona, The Vocal Body Studio; on location (film-tv; studios); internationally

To inquire about prices, available hours and dates:

+34 93 487 3723 (tel.); +34 68 772 9322 (cell)

(Consultations also available on Skype: vocalbodystudio)

Email: vocalbodystudio@gmail.com