Singing • Acting • Speech

Breath • Support  • Tone • Range • Bodywork • Resonance • Stamina

Utilising a combination of Alexander Movement, Bel Canto, Linklater and Feldenkreis Techniques,

seasoned professional singer/artistic director, Ellen Gould Ventura holds sessions in downtown Barcelona.

The classes are rigorous, yet are very sensitive to  the student's needs, supporting relaxed vocal, breath and body work.

For dedicated novices or professionals – Classes in Spanish and English


Vocal Body Studio

To inquire about prices, available hours and dates:

+34 93 487 3723 (tel.); +34 68 772 9322 (cell)

(Consultations also available on Skype: vocalbodystudio)



“…Ellen is a saavy, intuitive and sensitive woman. With a deep understanding of the body and the voice.

She is equipped to guide anyone who wishes to expand their voice, soul and inner strength….She has the gift of teaching though a metaphorical and poetic universe which comes on like a torrent of water for the unconscious…”

Victoria Lepori


Cine/Teatro/TV (Europe/US)

“Ellen's open and joyous attitude to life is what defines her as a singer and teacher.”

  1. G.Gloria Montero, Novelist/Playwright

"... Studying with Ellen was a great experience for me, particularly with the emphasis on

Sephardic song...something I strongly identify with.

Besides being a great teacher, she is a fundamental guide whose influence has allowed me to

firmly embrace my own personal style .. "

Ariana Barrabés Romeo,Singer

“…Working with Ellen as a singing teacher has enriched my life in many ways. Singing for me means

opening the heart and giving a voice to the soul. As we are raised in a society of great competitiveness, fear

and doubt in today’s world, it’s not easy to find someone who can imbue us with enough confidence to be

able to open our hearts. In Ellen, I found this person. Due to her immense sensitivity, she has created a

trusting, understanding and secure environment, which for me is essential. Like in her concerts, she

transmits her love and passion for music, art and life.”

D. Wick

Performer/Voice-Over Actor


“…As an adult I had never taken singing lessons until I did with Ellen. I was amazed to discover so much

about myself through my voice. Her intuitive use of body work, breathing and visualisation techniques

helped guide my voice into areas I'd never been before. It's amazing when you discover these new parts of

your voice and Ellen has a tremendous capability to tune in with you and help uncover your deepest and

highest notes. I loved the variety of songs that we sang. Having singing lessons with Ellen was

a beautiful experience and a great gift…”.

G. Wyss

Editor / Producer

International Film/TV